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Trumps' NAFTA partners stand their ground

The United States, Canada and Mexico kicked off a crucial round of NAFTA negotiations with little sign of progress on the critical issue of automobiles.

Tesla crash in California draws interest from U.S. investigators

The National Transportation Safety Board said it will investigate an accident involving a Tesla Model S that rear-ended a firetruck on a freeway near Los Angeles.

Robots won't replace humans in auto factories anytime soon

More than three decades after Honda first built an Accord sedan at its Marysville, Ohio, factory in 1982, humans are still an integral part of the assembly process. That's unlikely to change.

PSA confirms Atlanta will be its North American headquarters

PSA Group will locate its North American headquarters in Atlanta, tapping the city's universities and automotive businesses to regain a foothold in the United States.

Why you can bet Jag will offer more vehicles off the I-Pace powertrain

You can bet the powertrain from the I-Pace is going to be used on other Jaguar vehicles.