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Swank for Less Bank: Entry-Level Luxury Cars Ranked

Ever stay in the most reasonably priced room at the swankiest hotel in town? That’s what it's like to shop the entry-level luxury segment. We rank the current lineup of offerings, so you don't have to.

Will Self-Driving Cars Cause More Motion Sickness? A Cure Is in the Works

When people are freed from the monotony of driving cars, one of the biggest promises of fully autonomous travel is that passengers could use their newfound free time in their vehicles to catch up on work, read a book, or binge on the latest Netflix offerings. That sounds nice, at least in theory. But those […]

Made in Detroit: Aspiring Electric-SUV Maker Bollinger Moving to the Motor City

Motown could soon be the home of a brand that aims to match vintage tough-truck design with electric-vehicle technology, if everything goes the way that Bollinger Motors hopes over the next few months. In the early days of the automobile, one leading EV brand was Detroit Electric, founded in the Motor City in 1907. There’s […]

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Long-Term Test Update: Screw You, Winter

WHAT WE LIKE: Evidently the thing we like most about our Ford F-150 Raptor is spinning its odometer at ridiculous rates: Since its arrival in April of last year we’ve already ticked through 27,000 miles. This truck, on its surface, seems an unlikely choice for over-the-road travel, but it gets used often for that since […]