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Auto industry recruiters pitch the San Antonio region

The Texas city is seeing a spate of new auto industry projects. Toyota is one of the growth engines. But economic officials there have additional plans.

Machines drive new marketing efforts

Proponents of machine learning and artificial intelligence say computers are more efficient than humans, though the technology is not yet widely adopted at dealerships.

Alfa could be Tavares' toughest turnaround

After more than a decade of overpromising and underdelivering under FCA, he might be the only automotive executive around capable of achieving sustainable success for the Italian brand.

Fallout minimal after Toyota joins Trump camp

Toyota dealers in California say they haven't experienced any direct customer fallout from the automaker's decision to side with the Trump administration backing a single national emissions standard.

Automakers push GPB to sell stores

Some automakers are demanding that GPB Capital Holdings, the majority owner of the 56-store Prime Automotive Group, sell some dealerships or fix noncompliance issues they say have triggered breaches of their dealership agreements.